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I am obsessed with fibres, thread, cloth, paint and all things textiles! Unfortunately I am also a procrastinator extraodinarire who spends more time reading, surfing the net and admiring the materials than creating! I struggle to translate my ideas into textiles - hence the tantrums!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm behind!

Only just finished lesson 4 for personal library of stitches and even then didn't spend as much time on it as I would have liked! We are now on the final lesson, 6 and I haven't even read 5. This is all despite having a week off work as I finally left one post (yay!!!!!! it was the worst year of my life) and am starting a new role on Monday. Managed to get most of my christmas shopping done though and spent a great day with my friend Sue watching drawing DVD and talking textiles!
Here's week 4's sample which looks at density using cretan stitch. Although I am not that happy with it I do really like the bottom section where I have built up a dense 'carpet' of stitches. i have never achieved this before so am really liking the way it has turned out. I cannot praise Sharon B enough for her class - it is excellent value for money and I am really learning lots about the stitches. On to lesson 5.......


  • At 10:08 PM, Blogger Purple Missus said…

    Hi Leanne
    You're almost there. Your bottom piece does look good especially with the yellowy gold coloured thread over the top. Are you signing up for Sharon B's new challenge - Take a Stitch Tuesday? Looks like it could be fun.

  • At 1:06 PM, Blogger Leanne Hurren said…

    Thanks Lynda - I need encouragement like this as I have a tendency to start well with projects and taper off before finishing them! Yes I have already signed up for Take a Stitch Tuesday - it should be excellent!

  • At 3:30 AM, Blogger MargaretR said…

    I think that bottom piece is fabulous. I'm really enjoying TAST and am behind with the fly stitch. I'm a bit like you, I am really keen for the first few times, then get really excited by something else in the meantime!

  • At 5:28 AM, Blogger Barbara said…

    what a lovely blog. I can get many inspirations Thanks Barbara


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